Utilizing LinkedIn to Build Your Wedding Photography Surrey Business

wedding photography Surrey LinkedIn is a platform specially designed to build professional relations. This can be very useful in any field, and it can certainly help with wedding photography surrey business. Though it can be initially overlooked, LinkedIn can easily boost your brand.

To ensure positive results, you must represent the best of yourself and the best of your photography business. To do this, you must have a strong profile, and a constant presence. Here are some ways in which you can get the best use out of LinkedIn to enhance your photography business:

Stand out

It is imperative on platforms like LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd. Use the space given to you in a way that showcases your business and what you bring to the table. Specify what makes you unique, give detail on your experience and particular photography talents, showcase your business, make it personable. Redefine the structure of the LinkedIn profile in a way that represents you, your brand and wedding photography Surrey business. Take advantage of the headline to make an impact and to draw people in, and then expand on your business in a way that captivates. Show your craft and your personality in a way that cannot be ignored.

Get creative

Another way to utilise LinkedIn in order to generate business is to unleash your creativity. You are given specific delineate spaces to create your profile, as well as particular visual prompts in the form of your profile and background photos. Using your skills and knowledge to craft a stunning looking profile through the few tools at your disposal is an excellent way in which to get noticed and create waves for your photography business. Get experimental and colourful with the images you use as these will be the visual elements that LinkedIn users will connect to you and to your business, but make sure not to go too far. Use your best shots that represent exactly what you stand for, or go out and take new ones. You can change your background photo at regular intervals, depending on what you want to showcase at each point in time. Use your creativity to put together a profile that attracts the eye, and this will make sure that everyone takes notice of you and what you have to offer.


LinkedIn is primarily a platform that is used to network. The more people join your particular network, the more visibility you get, and the more you get out of it. Make sure to connect on LinkedIn with the professional relations you have already established in your field, and then highlight your LinkedIn profile at any and all events that are related to photography. Add your details for the platform onto your business card and your website, and reach out to new contacts that you make along the way.

LinkedIn can be used to boost a photography business to great success. A photographer should take advantage of what the platform offers. Brand exposure will ensure constant jobs and a way to make your work stand out and succeed.

Find out more ways to attract customers for your wedding photography Surrey business from http://www.mrshutterbugphotography.com

Tips For Picking Your Wedding Photographers PortsMouth

wedding photographers PortsmouthThe average individual encounters several special moments over the course of their life. If you ask them what are the specifics of these moments, some might remember while others bring out pictures to elaborate when explaining these memories. This goes to show that humans are sentimental. Anything of a special nature is always worth remembering.

Such is the case of a wedding! Weddings are special moments going by the fact that the average individual is meant to get married at least once in their lifetime. For most people, the wedding is a long awaited day that needs to be celebrated and the importance of it cannot be overemphasized.

Nobody takes a wedding lightly due to nature of the memories that are to be created on that day. Therefore, do not see wedding pictures as just images. These are memories that every couple wants to try as much as possible to hold on to in the hopes of cherishing them and passing them on to other generations.

As such, you find couples seeking for the services of expert wedding photographers Portsmouth. Hiring just any wedding photographer will not do as the photographer needs to be someone that can deliver quality images efficiently. So, before you pick a wedding photographer, ensure:

  • You have a style of photography

Did you know that wedding photography is of different styles? If you didn’t well, now you know. Wedding photography has different styles and as such you have different wedding photographers who may or may not specialize in them. It is important that before anything else, you are quite clear on the style of photography you want before you then start the search for wedding photographers Portsmouth that can deliver on it.

Whether you want the expressions and moments of the day to be captured spontaneously or you want to pose for pictures is totally up to you. You just have to ensure that the photographer you select is one that can deliver on your preferred style.

  • You know the period

Weddings can be in the morning, afternoon or night. It can be a weekday but it is mostly done on weekends. Weddings can also be an all day thing or it can last for a few hours. Regardless of what option you prefer, ensure that the photographer you go for is someone that will be available during the chosen time of day you want and for a defined set of hours.

There have been cases of photographers leaving before the end of a wedding and the couple later finding out that the contract is for a limited period of time.

  • Your Know Your Budget

Do you know how much wedding photography costs? Are you clear on the amount of money you can afford to spend on your wedding pictures? Once you know what you can afford, it will be easier to streamline the search to fit into your budget.

  • You Know the Number of Images You Want

Will you leave it to the photographer to decide on the number of images you get or will you decide on it yourself? This is very important to ensure that you get all your wedding memories from the  http://jameswhitephotos.com/.

Things to Clarify With the Cheshire Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Cheshire wedding photographerEvery couple knows that to get a proper account of their wedding moments, the service of a professional Cheshire Wedding Photographer needs to be hired. If not, they stand the risk of only remembering their wedding day through amateur photographs taken by friends and family. If friends and family members do not help, then they only have their memories to rely on.

However, we all know that human memory is flighty. It is not possible to remember the exact details of things and as such, things get lost in the hands of time. Hiring a professional photographer becomes a necessity at the end of the day to avoid losing memory of the special event.

Before you conclude on who your wedding photographer should be, it is important that you and the photographer are on the same page. There have been instances where the couple and the photographer end up in a court of law to settle a dispute based on differing interests. You do not want that to be your case.

So, when discussing the details of your wedding photography ensure that you:

Agree on Price

Wedding photographers are different in terms of how they charge. Some photographers charge a specific price for a certain amount of pictures. Some photographers offer different packages with different price tags. Some photographers charge per hour for covering the wedding then give a specific price for printing.

The price you are willing to pay will depend on your budget but you must also have negotiation skills to ensure that you do not end up paying a pricey amount. Once the price has been agreed upon, do not let it be only verbal. A contract with both your signatures is important to prevent future problems.

Agree on Hours

Would you like your Cheshire wedding photographer to be be present for both the wedding and reception? Are you only willing to have your photographer present for the wedding or do you want them present while you make preparations to walk down the aisle? If you take a look at wedding albums, sometimes, you see pre-wedding shoots. Other times, you only see posed photographs of the couple.

The reason for this has to do with the number of hours both parties agreed on. If you want the photographer present from the start of your wedding day to the end of your reception, then this has to be discussed ahead of time. Never make the mistake of assuming.

Agree on Style

Another thing you have to agree on with you Photographer is the style of photography that should be used. Wedding photography exists in different forms from natural, reportage, Documentary etc. There are photographers that specialize in certain styles.

If a certain style catches your fancy, then make sure you get a photographer that can deliver on it. Never make the mistake of assuming that your wedding photographer can shoot in any style. The Cheshire Wedding photographer http://www.mauricerobertsphotography.com/ states his preferred style of photography on his site.

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Newborn Photography Raleigh NC

newborn photography Raleigh NCNewborn photography Raleigh, NC photographers are skilled to perform can be the best thing that ever happened to your newborn baby. Newborn photography is definitely a craze, and many moms book their newborn photographer months before they give birth to their little angels. Newborn photography is done within the first ten days of your baby’s life, and because there is really no way to tell the exact date that you will give birth, your newborn photographer can re-schedule your session in case your allotted newborn photography session did not fall on the ten days after your baby is born.

It is crucial to have the newborn photography within ten day after the birth of your baby, because those precious ten days are when your baby sleeps a lot, and curls up just like when your adorable little human was still in your womb. There are three important things that you may not be aware of regarding newborn photography Raleigh, NC photographer can create. And you need to know everything about newborn photography so you will be utterly prepared.

The most challenging photography

The fact is, newborn photography is the hardest photography that any photographers can ever handle. You may wonder it is hard since the newborn photographer can just take photos of your sleeping baby. Well, there are actually many preparations needed before the photography session, which can either be done in your home or in the studio. The props for your baby need to be properly sanitized, your photographer cannot wear any fragrance to avoid triggering your baby’s sensitivity, and to actually handle your fragile baby is a tough job to do. And it is important to make the environment relaxing so your baby can sleep soundly and dream of happy things, so your baby can smile in sleep and that precious moment can be captured expertly.

Time consuming and slow pace

It takes long preparation to have the newborn photography, and due to your baby’s needs, it may take an hour to prep before your newborn photographer can snap one picture. Newborn photography Raleigh, NC venue session is definitely slow pace, and most of the time only a handful of photos can be taken from the typical three to four hours newborn photography session. But, all that time and slow pacing is absolutely worth it, because newborns will always look adorable in the photos, and combined with the expertise and professionalism of your chosen newborn photographer, you will have a baby portrait and newborn album that you will forever hold in your heart.

No flashes allowed

Newborn babies are sensitive to sudden light, and so flashes are definitely not allowed during a newborn photography session. The studio or the home must have the necessary lighting to capture beautiful newborn photos without irritating your baby’s eyes. The good thing is, Sally Salerno Photography is skilled in newborn photography Raleigh NC can boast about. All the photography equipment in the studio and for home sessions are designed and formatted to create exquisite newborn photos that you will cherish with all your heart.

6 Important Things to Consider in Hiring Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersMany couples set their own standard such as what their photographer should have, how long of an experience is long enough, etc. Here, we will spell out everything that needs to consider before hiring one. Mainly because you don’t hire Adelaide wedding photographers every day, but we do meet them daily and read about this topic frequently!

1. What do you need?

This includes asking yourself how many photographers you need, how many pictures you want and how long do you want to hire the photographers. Before you interview a whole bunch of people, decide on what you need first. It’s also better if you have a date as well the venue clearly decided. This way, your photographer will also be able to give his words easily.

2. Extra charges

Does your photographer charge you extra for anything? This is often a topic of dispute between photographers and couples. Extra charges were suddenly shown on the couple’s bills while they don’t remember what exactly that caused it. From early on, set your budget and get a clear explanation about it from the photographer.

3. Style

Different photographers will shoot your wedding pictures in different style even if you give them the same requests. That’s why it’s important that you only decide to meet the photographer only after you are satisfied with what you see on their portfolios. You should also ask about it from your photographer and if possible, show a whole album of his own work.

Some Adelaide wedding photographers like Panache Photography are willing to show those things. They know how important it is for couples to be careful with their decisions.

4. Photographer’s attitude

Like we mentioned a little bit before, professional photographers know that you want to do your best in preparing your day. It’s really important that you choose the right person for your wedding photography. But that also means that the photographer has probably met hundreds to thousands of clients who never end up hiring them.

But if he’s able to maintain that professional attitude, that’s a good sign.

5. Time

You need to set aside enough time to meet and interview each of the potential photographers. These photographers are not available 24/7 and neither are you. So, it’s best to start searching one year ahead of time. These photographers also often receive booking as early as 2 years in advance! To avoid the misery of wanting someone unavailable or losing you’re precious chance to hire him, be early.

6. Contract

Before signing the contract, make sure you are clear on the content. Nothing should be left unchecked. Take your time to read and understand them all. Ask your photographer about things that you don’t understand and ask for changes if you notice anything different from what is promised. Signing it means you agree to everything stated there and your photographer has the rights to act according to the contract.

Take note of these 6 things while looking for your Adelaide wedding photographers. Don’t miss any of them. In fact, depending on your needs, you might have even more things that you to remember! But these are the absolute 6 that you must know.

What to Prepare for Your First Jacksonville FL Wedding Photography Job

Jacksonville FL wedding photographyWorking on your first Jacksonville FL wedding photography job must be a nerve-wracking job. You don’t know if it’s going to be smooth or if the weather is just going to try its hardest to make things hard for you. But one thing you can do for now is to prepare for the day for whatever that is to come.

Plan with your clients

The first thing you need right not is the itinerary of the day. You can plan all you want and most people have a similar itinerary for their weddings. There might be slight differences depending on the couple and the family and these differences are the things that will screw your planning! Make sure that you know what they will be doing and slip in your wedding photography plans in between.

It’s also a good thing to know the amount of time allocated for formal photography. Some people allocate too little time, thinking that taking pictures shouldn’t be taking too much time. But the truth is very different as you may have known. Some people take hours to do group pictures because the guests are too enthusiastic to congratulate and chat during it.

Help explain these things to your clients and you will be able to design a better itinerary together as well as give them the best experience and results.

Your mental!

A wedding photographer is going to be crowding with so many other guests while you work. It’s a place filled with people, and therefore, things can happen so quickly around you. Many of those things are worth taking pictures of and there can be gems that simply touch the heart of the couple.

A professional Jacksonville FL wedding photography service like www.sarahheddenphotography.com is someone we love to recommend to people. You can see that some of the pictures can be simple, but very heart touching to the people who will receive those pictures. A photographer that is able to see that is very rare.

On the other hand, you will also be competing with other guests who like to take pictures, too. These people often try to get the best spot, disregarding even a professional photographer! What can you do to prevent them from doing your best for your clients? It’s a good idea to talk about it with your clients so that both of you can think about how to prevent them from causing disruptions.


Make sure that everything you work with is in their best performance for the day. The cameras have to be responsive, the memory card should be empty and the battery has to be charged to the full. Lighting equipment must be able to emit light as they are supposed to and reflectors shouldn’t be too crumpled to be used.

Don’t buy a new equipment right before the wedding. You have to learn using that equipment and feel comfortable with their UI before you use them for an actual wedding. That’s because nothing is going to stop or repeat itself just for your Jacksonville FL wedding photography.

What Comprises a Safe Newborn Photography Session?

newborn photography Jacksonville FLThis article is mainly aimed at parents who are hoping to know more about newborn photography Jacksonville FL. Parents must know that newborn babies are especially sensitive and must be treated with extra care. This means you cannot let your photographer work with the baby just like that. You need to learn the safety measures that can keep your baby comfortable and safe.

Room condition

As you enter the room, ensure that the condition of the room is warm and clean for the baby. It should be cleaned in order to prevent bacteria or allergens from flying around and causing discomfort to the baby. Warm temperature is necessary because the baby is going to be naked for a very long time in the room. You might feel hot and everyone in the room will sweat, but it will certainly keep the baby happy.

Props condition

It might be too much to walk around and check every single prop that your baby is going to use. However, you may ask it immediately regarding the conditions of the props that will be used. For example, are the blankets washed, yet? Did they make sure that they dried the blankets thoroughly and if it can cause allergic reactions to the baby? Are the props which will have direct contact with the baby properly wiped and cleaned?

Some pictures from newborn photography Jacksonville FL like the ones by www.jaxphotographer.com look really great because of the props. However, if one is not careful with it, you might be bringing your baby home with a dangerous infection that could have been avoided!

Hanging or not

Many parents love to get a picture of their baby in a hanging bag. Different photographers have a different type of hanging bags. Some have a basket and others might come with something that resembles a bag. Either way, the method is the same: you hang them in the air with the baby inside.

However, should you really let your baby hang in the air? The idea itself is not supported by some newborn photographers, however, others think that if the prop secures the baby safely, there shouldn’t be a problem. The choice is up to you. If you see that the photographer has done a similar thing a few times before, it’s worth the trust. But if it’s someone who is going for his first try, might as well think about it again.

Pose helps

Adults must help the babies while posing because many of the poses weren’t meant to be done by a newborn baby. If you let the baby support himself while sitting up, for example, it will affect his still weak bones. Always pay attention to when you see that your baby is being positioned like an adult in your newborn photography Jacksonville FL.

Most photographers do know what they should do which these positions. However, knowing about it yourself will prevent the accidents better and you also know what your photographer is doing. Sometimes, he will have an assistant to hold up the head or other parts of the body. You may be asked for help as well.

What Newborn Photographers Should NOT Do: 4 Don’ts

newborn photography Raleigh NC No matter how bad you are at photography, you can always become better in time. As long as you have the right passion and motivation to do it, everyone can be good at something. One way to do that is to keep in mind and avoid these 4 things in your newborn photography Raleigh NC. These are several fatal mistakes that will immediately plunge your career sea bottom deep.

1. Not taking cleanliness seriously

People who just turned into parents may not be experienced in taking care of babies. But they can sure be worse paranoids than those who are. These are people who are bringing in their firstborn who’s not even a month old and they definitely want the best care. That includes not having the newborn baby in a room that is not cleaned regularly.

Be sure to pay attention to, not just the set, but the props conditions. Clean them regularly and disinfect the blankets. Use materials that are friendly for newborn baby skin and advise parents to bring their own blanket as well.

2. Not asking parents’ consent

We’d like to think that we are professionals and know the best when it comes to photography for newborn babies. But the bad thing about this attitude is that it’d cause us to go ahead of someone else before asking their permissions. That includes not asking the parents permission when we’re about to put their baby in a seemingly dangerous position.

You have a lot of chances to ask the parents’ permission. From when you signed the contract, you can have a quick discussion on the poses and ideas that you have. Show them examples from your own portfolios and see if they approve of it. Before the session, you can also brief them on what will happen. That’s what a professional newborn photography Raleigh NC service from www.sallysalernophotography.com always does.

3. Not briefing the parents

Everyone thought that a photography session wouldn’t take longer than an hour or two. Well, the fact is that a single newborn photography session can go much, much longer than that. In case this happens, inform your clients at least before the day of the photography session. This will allow them to bring some reading materials, toys for their other kids and maybe a companion with them.

There are also other things, such as how to set the date or what kind of props will be sued, be discussed. If you allow the use of personal props, you should also tell them early, so that they will have time to find one. You need to remember that parents who just had their first session will not know what’s best to do in a newborn baby photography session.

4. Time limitation

Sometimes, we make contract with clients who apparently had their baby more than a week late. It’s pretty rare, but it can happen to any of us. In that situation, what happens to your newborn photography schedule?

Always give them a chance for it. No one knows they are going to be late and it’s not like you have a session every single day. Whenever possible, allow them the session they have already paid because where else will they get a professional newborn photography Raleigh NC service at that time?

What Is the Most Important Thing for a Professional Photographer?

wedding photographer Dundee

A lot of photographers ask what is the most important thing for a photographer? Some argue that photography skill is obviously the most important thing. Others think that in a business, nothing matters more than prioritizing your client and improve your socialization skills.

What do you think a photographer Dundee must put at the top of his list?

No one thing rules others

There’s nothing for a photographer that tops over others. Every factor supports each other in creating a professional photographer. What a photographer must do is focus on improving on every aspect that he knows he’s lacking in.

If a photographer is a good talker yet is never able to deliver his works in a satisfying result, improving his skills is important. If a photographer takes some of the best pictures, but is always rude and acts like an important person all the time, he needs to understand that prioritizing client is the most important thing to do.

Prioritizing clients

Your business can only roll if someone wants to hire you. No matter how good you are, you need to be able to make people look and want to hire your skills. Yet, this is not possible if you don’t improve the necessary skills. You need to learn marketing, communication skills and proceed to create offers that will attract people to you.

You also need to learn how to make people like you. A wedding photographer Dundee has no other choice than to become a fellow photographer their client can rely on. The photographer from www.angusforbesphotography.com is one of the best in this thing.

Photography uniqueness

Is there anything unique about your wedding photography? A lot of other photographers offer reportage and fine art photography to their clients. It’s so common to see those two words and clients only have other factors to consider when choosing. Yet, what makes making the decision to hire you easy?

Uniqueness is one. If you have a very unique way of capturing the wedding pictures, it will definitely attract people who want something different. Most couples want, not just good pictures, but also something different compared to others.

Photography skills

Undoubtedly, your photography skill is one thing. Some photographers get great pictures by luck. The wedding venues your clients choose are already great places. There’s nothing wrong with the place, so all that’s left is your ability to snap some pictures on the right settings.

How good are you at using the right mode in the right condition? Lighting is a factor that you can choose to alter or not. How to decide when or not to use a flash on your subject? What happens if it rains and the sky gets dark in the middle of the day? How to not create a black hole in your images? Practice makes perfect and ensures that you can shoot in any kind of situation.

Editing skills

Editing the pictures is the last stage of everything. There are probably people thinking this is not important. But will you ever deliver the pictures you took without editing them at all? No, you won’t. It doesn’t look professional and your clients won’t appreciate it.

See, everything is important for a photographer Dundee. What matters is figuring out the ones that you’re best in and a week at.

Wedding Photographer: Behave!

wedding photographer HertfordshireAmong the many things that can bring down your career (or prevent you from climbing up) is your behavior. The way you treat your clients and your working manner can become the big reason why you are not recommended!

As a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire, maintaining a good standard in other aspects than photography is just as important. An experienced wedding coordinator once spoke up about how she was extremely displeased when her photographer showed up in ‘casual outfit’. Sure, you need to be comfortable with what you wear to move freely, but that does not give you the liberty to, say, wear shorts to a formal party!

Formal attires for the occasion

Remember to always have stocks of formal wears. Your job requires you to attend and blend in with the guests. If you do plan to blend in, then you might as well wear something that’ll help you too. Formal wear isn’t that hard to find and there are a bunch out there that will be comfortable enough to work in.

Being late

This isn’t something worth mentioning too much about, but obviously, it deserves to be reminded. Never ever, be late to a person’s wedding. Every second count and getting the pictures taken early is always the more favorable situation. If you cannot show up early, a lot of things have to be pushed back because no one’s going through the ceremony twice just to get the pictures.

Respect other photographers

This is especially important for beginners. If you have little to no experience, there’s a probability that your client will hire someone else with more experience. Usually, they’ll go for a professional wedding photographer Hertfordshire like www.rafeabrook.co.uk.

If this is the case, remember your manner to always meet and discuss with the main photographer on the wedding day. Talk about where and when you will stand to take the pictures and when will he. This is to prevent both of you crashing with each other in the process. It will halt the process and might even cause either of you to miss the precious moments!

Remain in stealth mode

When you work, disengage from any contact quickly. Remember that you’re hired to shoot for the whole wedding and any second you look away can mean you’ve missed something. Your client will also appreciate it if you don’t engage in conversations too much.

It also means you shouldn’t promote yourself in the middle of your work. Your time to promote will come when your client is satisfied with what you’ve done and post your work on their social media account with your name tagged. There’s a time for everything, remember that.

Voice your concerns

Always stay on the active side when you’re signed a contract with your client. If you see that there are things you can help with, offer that to your client. If there’s something about the venue’s look that you want to talk about, ask for the client’s time. Any couple planning for their marriage will always appreciate suggestions that can help them prepare better.

As a wedding photographer Hertfordshire, you’re not just responsible for the pictures. If you wish to become better, then always remember that your manner will also become a big influencer of your career.

Hire a Photobooth For Your Wedding: Professional Needed!

photoboothPhotobooth is a hell of a way to add fun to your wedding party. Because of this, a lot of couples plan to hire a photobooth for their special day. Thinking that a photobooth is simply a box where you can take pictures inside, hiring this service from just anyone is okay.

Well, how to find a photobooth service that is satisfying? Check out the following tips.

The new photobooth trend

No more photo in a box or cramping everyone inside a small space to have pictures taken. With a group of more than 6, you can barely fit everyone’s face in. The new trend is to have an open space with a camera on a tripod. You can fit as many people as you want in that space, not to mention the decoration would be completely up to you and the venue.

Of course, if you’re still a fan of the old’ photo box, you’re welcomed to hire that, but remember to have the interior designed. Depending on how your wedding party is decorated, you can apply the same thing to the photo box. It’s a service that is commonly provided by professionals.

Get a reliable provider

Typically, professional photographers would provide service for a photobooth. A professional that we’d recommend is www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth. If you are to hire a photobooth, you’ll be sure to receive all the service that a professional provider offers. And most important, they’ll keep the promises on their end to provide only the best.

It’s a trivial thing, but often than not, couples are surprised with their photobooth not arriving on time, not taking high-quality pictures. Worst of that all, they don’t even come for whatever reason they will come up with later on. Even if they refunded, it’s not exactly a happy thing: you promise something and they fail to fulfill that for you.

Professional service

The best photobooth service will try to add more features that will add more fun and comfort for their clients. For example, a butler. This butler will take care of the booth and help customers whenever they need it. They will also oversee the use of props and immediately help or fix anything that goes wrong in the party.

The booth will close and open photobooth service according to your need. Since the cost depends on how long you use it, this is important. But with such high flexibility, you’ll be able to optimize the efficiency of your photobooth service.


The pictures from photobooths are no more low-quality and stagnant. Now you can add stickers on crispy clear pictures. Edit, draw and have fun with the faces on the photo and use your creativity to make it fun!

Since the picture quality is high, editing can get even more detailed. Everyone’s face will be clearly snapped. This makes it possible to put them on the slideshow and have the guests waiting enjoy the fun, too! The pictures can also be printed to be included in the guestbook. After leaving some congratulatory messages, it’ll become a memory book of their special day. And this is all possible if you decide to hire a photobooth for yours, too!

Why Do Boudoir Photo Shoot?

boudoir photographyEver think about doing boudoir photo shoot? Why, because it has a pretty naughty ring to it? Well, we cannot blame the fact that it’s naughty, however, boudoir photo shoot is a very private style of photography that we believe you can find satisfaction in.

Find out the reasons why you should try going to a boudoir session!

Effective mood booster

Boudoir photoshoot is an amazing way to get your mood boost. It doesn’t just make you happy; boudoir helps motivates you because it shows that you’re still a sexy, achieving, amazing woman in yourself. There’s no need to be shy or even feel inferior.

A boudoir session is an amazing time to get some self-empowerment time. At that moment, the gaze of the photographer is only fixated on you and only rightly so. You are at your most amazing time, showing the most amazing curves no others knew.

Keeping the pictures will allow you to boost your confidence every day because it’ll help remind you that you’re also awesome in your own way.

Girls’ day out

Take this chance to get to know your friends in a more intimate way. Sometimes, there are things that you cannot tell each other despite being close friends. But this session can help both, or all of you to open up on things. Partly because you’ll be given a little alcohol before the session and the other part is because you’ve seen more of each other now. Literally.

At least, it’s what happened and you can see in boudoir photo shoot at www.elliesandersonboudoir.co.uk.

It’s a great time to get the squad a good picture together in a more… different way. You can also do it with a partner if you want. You and partner can spend some quality time and boost each other’s sexual points and confidence. Think of it as a foreplay before the big event.

As a reward for your partner

Most of the time, this is something that women do for their husbands. Because the most unique and memorable wedding gift is something that is uniquely yours. Your partner will never hate it and will definitely love it. It’s a great wedding gift and no matter how many people have done it, there’s never a time where husbands will get bored of it.

It is most proper to be done when you’re at the end of your diet and finished your lingerie shopping. And on top of that, you can boost your confidence, like mentioned earlier, for your wedding day.

It even helps you to relieve stress because the days leading up to your wedding tend to be stressful. This is a great time to pamper yourself and have the attention to only you. Just relax and show those curves and let the photographer do the rest of the work.

Boudoir photo shoot is recently gaining popularity for a good reason. It’s a private session, so no one will actually see you except for the make-up artist and the photographer. If you’re uncomfortable, you can look for a female photographer, like what we recommende

Rain Photography: How to Not Mess Up

wedding photographers surreyRain photography is among the most beautiful and impromptu settings you can ever come up with your clients. Due to the fact that most, if not all photographers would hope for a day free of rain, to be able to do one will mean you’re both lucky and not. You’re lucky because you get to do rain photography to show them to your future clients. You’re unlucky because it means you’re challenged to do well under a weather that is known to be uncooperative.

That is why it takes time to prepare for the worse and when weather forecast messes up. This includes preparing for ideas, props, and preparation to ensure that no one is too wet to attend the party afterward.

Ideas and Inspiration

Google is admittedly the best place to find your inspiration. But we’d like to give you a concept that will help you come up with poses without having to copy other wedding photographers Surrey.

Go indoor

If the rain outside is making it impossible to shoot, then shoot inside. Make use of the time to explore the building in more details and the rainy look outside through the window.

Gloomy weather

Whether it’s before or after the shower, dark clouds create a mysterious and eerily calm feeling to the pictures. Considering lots of people might have shot in the same place with sunny weather, consider the picture unique when you get to shoot it in a dark weather.

Use umbrellas

Make use of umbrellas under the rain to shoot some romantic scenes. Two persons, one umbrella; surely intimate enough to make any woman giggles at sight!

If getting wet is okay, then let go of the umbrella and just run through the prairie. Make some childish pictures in this beautiful day with that significant one.

Tips: Bring more than one umbrella. Having multiple of the same type of umbrellas will help you, especially during group pictures if it rains. At least 4 or 5 of them would be great.

Have the groom cover the bride

Another romantic scene is to have the groom use his suit to cover the bride under the rain. For this one, you want to do it quickly with precision as you can’t have both of them stand under the rain for too long.

Wear jacket

Keep yourself warm and healthy. You need to be strong enough to hold out for the day if you need to shoot in the early morning shower.

Have your clients bring their own jacket along, too. Keep them warm and happy throughout the day to ensure the best pictures are taken of them.

Lighting kit

Use the lighting to the minimum; only light what you really want to see in the picture. There’s no need to light up the bride from head to toe; sometimes, only torso-up is enough. Light up important features that you want to stand out. Make use of flashlights to shine small areas.


In your free time, try to do small research every week on rain photography inspiration. This can help you in coming up with the most creative idea for your next job. Do not use the same idea every time it rains. You won’t realize it when the trend is already long outdated and like other wedding photographers Surrey, you have to be able to keep coming up with better ideas.