6 Important Things to Consider in Hiring Adelaide Wedding Photographers

Adelaide wedding photographersMany couples set their own standard such as what their photographer should have, how long of an experience is long enough, etc. Here, we will spell out everything that needs to consider before hiring one. Mainly because you don’t hire Adelaide wedding photographers every day, but we do meet them daily and read about this topic frequently!

1. What do you need?

This includes asking yourself how many photographers you need, how many pictures you want and how long do you want to hire the photographers. Before you interview a whole bunch of people, decide on what you need first. It’s also better if you have a date as well the venue clearly decided. This way, your photographer will also be able to give his words easily.

2. Extra charges

Does your photographer charge you extra for anything? This is often a topic of dispute between photographers and couples. Extra charges were suddenly shown on the couple’s bills while they don’t remember what exactly that caused it. From early on, set your budget and get a clear explanation about it from the photographer.

3. Style

Different photographers will shoot your wedding pictures in different style even if you give them the same requests. That’s why it’s important that you only decide to meet the photographer only after you are satisfied with what you see on their portfolios. You should also ask about it from your photographer and if possible, show a whole album of his own work.

Some Adelaide wedding photographers like Panache Photography are willing to show those things. They know how important it is for couples to be careful with their decisions.

4. Photographer’s attitude

Like we mentioned a little bit before, professional photographers know that you want to do your best in preparing your day. It’s really important that you choose the right person for your wedding photography. But that also means that the photographer has probably met hundreds to thousands of clients who never end up hiring them.

But if he’s able to maintain that professional attitude, that’s a good sign.

5. Time

You need to set aside enough time to meet and interview each of the potential photographers. These photographers are not available 24/7 and neither are you. So, it’s best to start searching one year ahead of time. These photographers also often receive booking as early as 2 years in advance! To avoid the misery of wanting someone unavailable or losing you’re precious chance to hire him, be early.

6. Contract

Before signing the contract, make sure you are clear on the content. Nothing should be left unchecked. Take your time to read and understand them all. Ask your photographer about things that you don’t understand and ask for changes if you notice anything different from what is promised. Signing it means you agree to everything stated there and your photographer has the rights to act according to the contract.

Take note of these 6 things while looking for your Adelaide wedding photographers. Don’t miss any of them. In fact, depending on your needs, you might have even more things that you to remember! But these are the absolute 6 that you must know.

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