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Things to Clarify With the Cheshire Wedding Photographer Before Hiring

Cheshire wedding photographerEvery couple knows that to get a proper account of their wedding moments, the service of a professional Cheshire Wedding Photographer needs to be hired. If not, they stand the risk of only remembering their wedding day through amateur photographs taken by friends and family. If friends and family members do not help, then they only have their memories to rely on.

However, we all know that human memory is flighty. It is not possible to remember the exact details of things and as such, things get lost in the hands of time. Hiring a professional photographer becomes a necessity at the end of the day to avoid losing memory of the special event.

Before you conclude on who your wedding photographer should be, it is important that you and the photographer are on the same page. There have been instances where the couple and the photographer end up in a court of law to settle a dispute based on differing interests. You do not want that to be your case.

So, when discussing the details of your wedding photography ensure that you:

Agree on Price

Wedding photographers are different in terms of how they charge. Some photographers charge a specific price for a certain amount of pictures. Some photographers offer different packages with different price tags. Some photographers charge per hour for covering the wedding then give a specific price for printing.

The price you are willing to pay will depend on your budget but you must also have negotiation skills to ensure that you do not end up paying a pricey amount. Once the price has been agreed upon, do not let it be only verbal. A contract with both your signatures is important to prevent future problems.

Agree on Hours

Would you like your Cheshire wedding photographer to be be present for both the wedding and reception? Are you only willing to have your photographer present for the wedding or do you want them present while you make preparations to walk down the aisle? If you take a look at wedding albums, sometimes, you see pre-wedding shoots. Other times, you only see posed photographs of the couple.

The reason for this has to do with the number of hours both parties agreed on. If you want the photographer present from the start of your wedding day to the end of your reception, then this has to be discussed ahead of time. Never make the mistake of assuming.

Agree on Style

Another thing you have to agree on with you Photographer is the style of photography that should be used. Wedding photography exists in different forms from natural, reportage, Documentary etc. There are photographers that specialize in certain styles.

If a certain style catches your fancy, then make sure you get a photographer that can deliver on it. Never make the mistake of assuming that your wedding photographer can shoot in any style. The Cheshire Wedding photographer http://www.mauricerobertsphotography.com/ states his preferred style of photography on his site.