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What to Prepare for Your First Jacksonville FL Wedding Photography Job

Jacksonville FL wedding photographyWorking on your first Jacksonville FL wedding photography job must be a nerve-wracking job. You don’t know if it’s going to be smooth or if the weather is just going to try its hardest to make things hard for you. But one thing you can do for now is to prepare for the day for whatever that is to come.

Plan with your clients

The first thing you need right not is the itinerary of the day. You can plan all you want and most people have a similar itinerary for their weddings. There might be slight differences depending on the couple and the family and these differences are the things that will screw your planning! Make sure that you know what they will be doing and slip in your wedding photography plans in between.

It’s also a good thing to know the amount of time allocated for formal photography. Some people allocate too little time, thinking that taking pictures shouldn’t be taking too much time. But the truth is very different as you may have known. Some people take hours to do group pictures because the guests are too enthusiastic to congratulate and chat during it.

Help explain these things to your clients and you will be able to design a better itinerary together as well as give them the best experience and results.

Your mental!

A wedding photographer is going to be crowding with so many other guests while you work. It’s a place filled with people, and therefore, things can happen so quickly around you. Many of those things are worth taking pictures of and there can be gems that simply touch the heart of the couple.

A professional Jacksonville FL wedding photography service like www.sarahheddenphotography.com is someone we love to recommend to people. You can see that some of the pictures can be simple, but very heart touching to the people who will receive those pictures. A photographer that is able to see that is very rare.

On the other hand, you will also be competing with other guests who like to take pictures, too. These people often try to get the best spot, disregarding even a professional photographer! What can you do to prevent them from doing your best for your clients? It’s a good idea to talk about it with your clients so that both of you can think about how to prevent them from causing disruptions.


Make sure that everything you work with is in their best performance for the day. The cameras have to be responsive, the memory card should be empty and the battery has to be charged to the full. Lighting equipment must be able to emit light as they are supposed to and reflectors shouldn’t be too crumpled to be used.

Don’t buy a new equipment right before the wedding. You have to learn using that equipment and feel comfortable with their UI before you use them for an actual wedding. That’s because nothing is going to stop or repeat itself just for your Jacksonville FL wedding photography.