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Hire a Photobooth For Your Wedding: Professional Needed!

photoboothPhotobooth is a hell of a way to add fun to your wedding party. Because of this, a lot of couples plan to hire a photobooth for their special day. Thinking that a photobooth is simply a box where you can take pictures inside, hiring this service from just anyone is okay.

Well, how to find a photobooth service that is satisfying? Check out the following tips.

The new photobooth trend

No more photo in a box or cramping everyone inside a small space to have pictures taken. With a group of more than 6, you can barely fit everyone’s face in. The new trend is to have an open space with a camera on a tripod. You can fit as many people as you want in that space, not to mention the decoration would be completely up to you and the venue.

Of course, if you’re still a fan of the old’ photo box, you’re welcomed to hire that, but remember to have the interior designed. Depending on how your wedding party is decorated, you can apply the same thing to the photo box. It’s a service that is commonly provided by professionals.

Get a reliable provider

Typically, professional photographers would provide service for a photobooth. A professional that we’d recommend is www.smartpicsuk.com/photo-booth. If you are to hire a photobooth, you’ll be sure to receive all the service that a professional provider offers. And most important, they’ll keep the promises on their end to provide only the best.

It’s a trivial thing, but often than not, couples are surprised with their photobooth not arriving on time, not taking high-quality pictures. Worst of that all, they don’t even come for whatever reason they will come up with later on. Even if they refunded, it’s not exactly a happy thing: you promise something and they fail to fulfill that for you.

Professional service

The best photobooth service will try to add more features that will add more fun and comfort for their clients. For example, a butler. This butler will take care of the booth and help customers whenever they need it. They will also oversee the use of props and immediately help or fix anything that goes wrong in the party.

The booth will close and open photobooth service according to your need. Since the cost depends on how long you use it, this is important. But with such high flexibility, you’ll be able to optimize the efficiency of your photobooth service.


The pictures from photobooths are no more low-quality and stagnant. Now you can add stickers on crispy clear pictures. Edit, draw and have fun with the faces on the photo and use your creativity to make it fun!

Since the picture quality is high, editing can get even more detailed. Everyone’s face will be clearly snapped. This makes it possible to put them on the slideshow and have the guests waiting enjoy the fun, too! The pictures can also be printed to be included in the guestbook. After leaving some congratulatory messages, it’ll become a memory book of their special day. And this is all possible if you decide to hire a photobooth for yours, too!