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How To Save Money On Wedding Cakes

Order a small tiered cake and have a larger sheet cake at the back of the kitchen to be served out to the guests.

wedding cakeThis is technically cheating, to say the least, but then again, your guests will not be there so that they can go ahead and closely review how the cake looks like and whether or not it is something authentic. You can totally fake it and get away with it. So many brides in the past have been doing this and have been getting away with this and you can do. It is high time that you get in touch with your wedding baker stat and figure all of this out.

For novelty’s sake, keep the bottom layer real so that you and your spouse will have something that you can cut into for the cake cutting and cake eating but as for the rest of the guests, you don’t have to feed them a highly expensive and at times overpriced cake. You can do away with it. When you think about it, it will make perfect sense. The amount of money that you save on the cake will turn out to be something that you can use on the rest of the other plans and vendors and expenses that you have for the wedding.

Simplify the add ons.

Not only will something like this cost you more for your wedding cake, you will also be risking the possibility of your cake looking tacky. Keep it simple and try not to go overly crazy about the decorations and the wedding came should come out looking just fine after all has been said and done.

Use fresh flowers for decorations.

You don’t need the sugary flowers because they tend to be quite expensive, when you come to think about it. Using fresh flowers can give you a unique perspective on your cake and it is not the type of thing that is all that common just yet. It technically means that you will have all of the right things working out for you the right way at the end of the day when it all comes down to it.

Opt out of the exotic fillings because they cost at least twice more than the regular fillings. You don’t need tropical mango or a guava and guyabano infusion. Try to see what the options are and don’t ask for anything too crazy because crazy and out there usually means more money coming out of your pockets.

Get a great wedding photographer to document everything.

Go with a really great wedding photographer You need your wedding cake to come out looking impressive and interesting as ever and this is what you ought to try to take note of all of the time as much as you possibly can. A great wedding photographer is someone that you should invest on not just because you want your wedding cake to look good but because you want something that you can remember your wedding day by after the party is over.